Throw the Dice- Proverbs 16:33
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Throw the Dice- Proverbs 16:33

Happy January! We are already into the second week of 2018, and I am feeling more refreshed than ever! Some extra time off of work has allowed me to clear my head, clean my condo, create blog content, and crush it at Catan! Catan?… You may ask? Settlers of Catan is a board game that John and I have been obsessed with since October, and I finally won for the first time in months! We’ve been playing this hella addicting game with all our friends (multiple times a week) and it never gets old! We even played with my dad and sister on Christmas. We have multiple versions and expansion packs, so we are keeping ourselves on our toes! This game is a combination of both strategy and luck, and when reading through Proverbs this week, I came across this verse.

“We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.”- Proverbs 16:33

I immediately turned to John and was like, “Babe, God is talking about Catan here in Proverbs!” Just kidding. Well no, I really said that. However, I was being sarcastic. I love reading through the Bible and finding even these small connections to my life. When a verse jumps out, I can feel God speaking to me, and sometimes He’s just being humorous! I love that about God! In all seriousness, this verse does speak truth and wisdom. We take risks, chances, leaps of faith, and God knows the outcome before the dice stop rolling. Sometimes our gambles seem bigger than others, but nothing is too big or small for God. He is the ultimate dealer!

Photography by Marc Downing

Every so often, buying a new fun and whimsical top makes my closet feel so fresh! This starry top is by J Crew, and I bought it on super-sale at Nordstrom right before Christmas when it was being price-matched for 40% off! Except then I had to go and buy full-price matching star earrings! I knew I was going to wear this look for New Years, but I actually ended up wearing it for both Christmas Eve AND New Years! While the top is ultra-trendy, I tried to keep it classic with my favorite black trousers by Leith from Nordstrom. These are typically my work pants, but it was fun to add a sassy edge to a traditional piece! How would you style this top? I’d love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below!

Have a blessed week!



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