Favorite Outfits of 2017- Proverbs 19: 21
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Favorite Outfits of 2017- Proverbs 19: 21

Happy 2018! Last year left me feeling encouraged, elated, exponentially closer to God the father! As I reflect back on my 2017 goals, dreams, and resolutions, I realized, whoops, I didn’t even attempt half of these! Two of them however, I created great habits doing, but just fell short the second half of the year- Reading one book per month and cooking one new recipe a week! Some of my other goals included getting a puppy, traveling to Uganda, entering something in the OC Fair… None of which I did. God had a different path planned for my year which included getting ENGAGED and Job Promotion, so I am not disappointed by any means how my year ended up! So here I am again, drafting some new dreams, goals, and resolutions because I strongly believe in writing these down. Not only does it help keep me accountable, but I feel that much more accomplished in doing something CONCRETE!

Looking through my blog photo archives, I am seeing more patterns of my feminine, whimsical, and colorful style. I practically lived in dresses and midi-skirts, with the occasional skinny jean and ultra femme blouse or cozy sweater! This year I plan to feature more of my favorite pieces that you may have already seen, but styled differently, because saving for a wedding means my clothing budget is practically non-existent! I would also love to showcase more Lifestyle Posts including my Style Servant Book Club (party of 1), Style Servant Says I Do (my process of planning a destination wedding), and Style Servant Learns to Cook (my journey of the tasty highs and embarrassing fails), which I hope you will all enjoy!

Scroll down to see some of my favorite outfit posts (all clothes featured here are from my own closet) and my 2018 Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions!

Allow God to Lead Me Into a Deeper Faith

Finish the Bible (I’m halfway done!)

Try a Spin Class (I’ve never been!)

Drink Coffee… Black

Have the Wedding of Our Dreams

Reach Out to Others with Words of Encouragement

Text People Back In a Timely Fashion

Keep on Cookin’ On

Write and Mail More Handwritten Cards

Travel More Locally (in between going back and forth to Canada)

Attempt to Vlog (ah, wish me luck on this one!)

I am kicking off this year standing firm in my all-time favorite Bible Verse.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Proverbs 19:21

Memorizing verses and committing them to memory has never come natural to me, but Proverbs 19:21 has been engraved on my heart. I love to tell God my plan for the year, but His plan is so much greater. I’m so blessed to live life through his guidance. His purpose prevails! Amen.

Have a blessed week!


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