An Introduction to Intercession- Exodus 32: 30
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An Introduction to Intercession- Exodus 32: 30

December is here and I am doing my best to soak in every moment leading up to Christmas! There are so many fun activities out there that I need to schedule into my calendar including ice-skating and watching the Newport Beach boat parade! Two Mondays ago, I had my last Community Bible Study meeting before the holidays and God introduced me to a new topic he wanted me to discover- Intercession.

Here is what I learned!

What is intercession? In it’s simplest form, intercession is a type of prayer where we pray on behalf of another person. In its deepest form, it’s an act of spiritual warfare.  Think of it as pleads with God for the needs for others. Intercessory prayer is when we stand in the spiritual gap between another person and God. We know that God answers prayer and as a Christian, we can be like Jesus if we pray for others than ourselves.

As I’ve been re-reading through Exodus, I’ve been blessed to see Moses’ spiritual growth in their journey to the promised land. One consistent theme is that the Israelites are constantly rebelling against God. While God is a God of love, he also has a jealous heart for His chosen people to not worship any other Gods. When Moses goes to be with God for 40 days on the mountain, the Israelites ask Aaron, Moses’ brother to create an idol for them to worship. When Moses and God find out, they are both M.A.D., even so angry that God plans to destroy the nation.

This is where Moses steps in to intercede on behalf of his people- God’s people.

“The next day Moses said to the people, ‘You have committed a terrible sin, but I will go back up to the Lord on the mountain. Perhaps I will be able to obtain forgiveness.'” – Exodus 32: 30

Moses intercedes, and God answers his request!

As I meditate on this topic, I’ve been wondering if I could have the gift of intercession. I have never used this spiritual gift, and the explanation for that may be that God is preparing my heart to carry the burdens of others. To be extremely honest, I don’t like to feel sad feelings, so I struggle with empathy. This is an area I want God to grow me.

So how do I do this?

Step 1: Ask God to put the burdens of others on your heart!

Step 2: PRAY!

Step 3: Pray harder.

Step 4: Continue to pray until your prayers have been answered!

This topic has struck an area of curiosity in my heart and I would love to share more, but I am simply just now learning about intersession! If you have any experience with this spiritual gift, please leave me a comment or send me an email to! I’d love to share in your experiences!

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Have a blessed week!


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