Living the Good Old Days, Now- Psalms 77:5
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Living the Good Old Days, Now- Psalms 77:5

This Thanksgiving season, I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The engagement season of my life has been the best yet, which is a miracle in itself, because I have been lucky enough to look back on past seasons, and reflect that each stage of life gets more and more beautiful! And it started out pretty darn good. On the last day of middle school, I remember crying with my friends wondering how high school could top the last three years, and guess what, it did. At high school graduation, I sat in the stands nostalgic about those last 4 years, wondering how college could be better than high school, and it was. When college came to a conclusion, I wondered how working fulltime as a full blown adult could surpass the amazing memories I made at Fashion school, and shocker, it’s the best yet. Until now.

It’s not even New Years for about 40ish days, but 2017 has been by far my favorite year of life. Getting engaged was just the beginning, but John and I have grown closer as a couple, I have grown closer to God, I’ve traveled to more countries this year that I ever had, and my work has been so fulfilling. Last week, during Holy Yoga, when I had a moment to sit in child’s pose and be still, listening to a cover of ‘Stressed Out’, by Twenty One Pilots, the line “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days” struck me to the core. I immediately began to praise God for allowing me to live the good old days, now! Time passes, and although I am nostalgic of the past, my present is worth living to the fullest. The future is always of course uncertain, but God continues to reign over and bless my life. Uncertainty in past has led me to feel stressed out, but God has repeatedly shown up and affirmed me that my days to come, will only be filled with more joy because He will be at the center of it all.

After hearing this message from God during Yoga of all places, one of the next chapters in Psalms I read said this:

“I think of the good old days;¬†long since ended.” Psalms 77:5

While we can each choose joy in the midst of trials in our lives, I pray that I can keep living with the mindset that the good old days are now, and not long since ended.¬†Ecclesiastes 7:10 states, “Don’t long for ‘the good old days.’ This is not wise.” I couldn’t agree more. As I approach the season of marriage and a growing family, my prayer is that I can look back at the good old days of my past and know I wouldn’t trade them for my present!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This outfit is one of my favorite ‘wear to work’ ensembles. I bought the bell-sleeve blouse and gray cropped flare back in July during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I am finding ways to wear each piece this fall which includes throwing a leather jacket over the shoulders, a silky neck scarf, and suede heels. All these pieces are sold out online, but I’ve linked similar styles to recreate the look!


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