Rocksbox Round Up- Psalm 100:5
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Rocksbox Round Up- Psalm 100:5

Happy Rocksbox Anniversary to me! I cannot believe that it has been a year since I began my blog partnership with Rocksbox! Every month it’s like Christmas when I receive my new Rocksbox subscription package in the mail. Now that I have used their service for over a year, I am even more proud to be partnering with such an amazing service for women. When discretionary money is tight and trends are constantly evolving, I am so thankful for each jewelry set that gets sent my way. I’ll wear, love, and enjoy for the month and send the box back when I am ready for something new! The selection is always so spot-on that I have purchased many-a-pieces from the collections that were sent my way!

As the digital age is changing the way we shop, I couldn’t be more of an advocate for subscription services. John and I even have a subscription service for board games. Yep, game nights have been taken to a whole new level! Anywho, if you have been thinking about signing up for Rocksbox for a while, let me seal the deal for you.

1. Your first box is free with my Promo Code ‘StyleServantxoxo

2. The membership fee is $21 a month and you get 3 pieces off your wishlist to borrow

3. When you are ready for the new set, you mail it back in their prepackaged/ labeled bag

4. If you loved any of your pieces, you apply your $21 membership fee towards¬† your purchase (I’ve been able to get pieces for under $5 because of the credit you get)

5. You try before you buy which declutters your jewelry drawer

6. You always hit refresh on your look!

Scroll on through to see some of my favorite Rocksbox pieces from the last year!

When I am offered a new partnership with a brand, I look to God and see his goodness! He is creating fruitfulness in a passion of mine- blogging about fashion and sharing his word. This week at Saddleback Church, we heard a message about God’s goodness and how we need to know who we are talking to during our time of prayer. I believe God is good. I see God is good. I want everyone to know that God is good.

“The Lord is always good. He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on to each succeeding generation.” Psalm 100:5

My favorite takeaway from church this Sunday was that God puts my good above his own good. John 10: 14-15 states, “I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me… And I will sacrifice my life for my sheep.” It’s pretty incredible to believe in a God who would send his own son to die for my sin so that I could be with him forever in Heaven. God’s love is sacrificial, and to be like Jesus, we must also be sacrificial with our love. What are we giving up to fill others’ lives with goodness? We are rapidly approaching the holiday season, and I want to heighten this message of sharing the goodness of God.

Prayer is an intimate time with the Lord, and I know I have a habit of talking AT God without allowing him to talk back. I want to do a better job of listening for God’s words of direction. I just finished reading the book of Job which means I just started reading the book of Psalms. There are 150 Psalms, and roughly 75 days until Christmas. My goal is to read 2 Psalms a day in order to finish this book of praise, worship, and confession! What are you currently reading in the Bible? I would love to see! Leave a comment below!

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