Authenticity- 1 Timothy 1: 5
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Authenticity- 1 Timothy 1: 5

The word ‘authenticity’ has a powerful, yet simple definition- the quality of being authentic. God created you in His image with a unique appearance and individualized personality. Authenticity is a category that includes many of Jesus’s most praised godly characteristics: honest, genuine, real, sincere, trustworthy, pure, valid, and the list goes on. Jesus’s love is authentic. His actions are authentic. His words are authentic. The more authentic we are in who God created us to be, the more like Jesus we actually become.

If we aren’t being 100% authentic, then we are being 100% inauthentic. Invalid, fake, corrupt, incredible, counterfeit, unreliable, fabricated. While these discriptors sound harsh and unsettling, Satan uses these lies against you. If you’ve ever felt not beautiful enough and found a way to disguise your natural self, the enemy has wronged you. If you’ve ever felt not funny enough, the enemy has deceived you. If you’ve ever felt not worthy enough, the enemy has degraded you. Be who God created you to be, not somebody else.

When it comes to appearance, the color of your hair or skin doesn’t define who you are. Your soul defines you. Who do you want the world, but most importantly God to see who you are at your core? We live in a world of Photoshop, retouching, and editing when it comes to our looks. I’ll admit, I’ll retouch a photo of myself if I grew a blemish the night before a photoshoot or use an app to whiten my teeth between teeth cleanings. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think minor editing to enhance a photo is sinful or shameful, but I do think that it’s too easy to get carried away when it’s that easy to make changes to our appearance.

When it comes to words and actions, authenticity is where it matters most. People remember how you make them feel. Being human means we are authentically imperfect, and God knows this. We live in a broken world, but that doesn’t mean we should be contributors to make it more broken.

Authenticity is a word that the Lord has put on my heart this past week and I know I will continue to discover the why behind this theme the Lord keeps putting in front of me. As Christ continues to soften my heart and purify me through change, I want to see a noticeable transformation in this area of my life.

But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. – 1 Timothy 1:5

While I would love to consider myself to be an authentic person, I want to always be MORE like Jesus. Therefore, I have more work to do when it comes to having authenticity like our savior! Stay tuned as I plan to share my findings while I have become hyper-aware of what it means to be authentic!

While I consider September 1st to be the beginning of fall (it’s the PSL calendar year, obvi), I will be wearing fun and flirty lightweight dresses until the weather starts to act like the season I want it to be! I bought this BP dress from Nordstrom for under $50 and I have been wearing it on repeat! I wore it to a rehearsal dinner at the beginning of the month and it was perfect to wear during that heat wave. The girly-girl in me believes that the ruffle trend is here to stay for a while, and I will take full advantage! Also, these white Jeffrey Campbell beaded mules are going to be my it shoe for fall! Yes, I said it, white shoe for fall. White footwear is making an appearance this season, and I am not mad about it. What I am mad about is that I accidently stepped in doggy do-do the first time I wore these!!! YUCK! Well, I had to be extra authentic with your for a minute! Luckily, I they are cleaned up and ready to be worn again! I’ll be sharing more of my favorite dresses soon, so stay tuned!

Earrings by Rocksbox (Use my promocode ‘StyleServantXOXO’ for your first jewelry box free)

Photography by Jared Wright (@jaredwright5 and

Have a blessed week!


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