Scarcity VS. Abundance Mentality with Jofit Apparel- Psalm 104: 27
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Scarcity VS. Abundance Mentality with Jofit Apparel- Psalm 104: 27

Let’s talk fitness. UGH. Or not. My fitness routine is FAR from perfect, but I define success as progress. Fitness is a lifestyle, but by no means does it take over my life. I hit the gym when I can and try to create a scheduled routine. If I’m lucky that’s twice a week, but I have dry spells of 2 months at a time without walking into a gym. Yikes. I have the sport membership at 24 Fitness because it’s inexpensive and I love the free group classes! Body pump, Zumba, Turbo Kick. You name it. I have yet to try spin, but it’s on my list!  John on the other hand has a Planet Fitness membership ($20 a month and you can bring one guest, ANY GUEST, at a time). On occasion, and I’m talking the rare occasion, we get up before work at 5:30am and do their 30 minute complete body circuit. My personal setback is that I HAVE to have a gym buddy if I am not taking a class. I have zero motivation to keep myself going. But hey, that’s what friends (and fiancés) are for right?

Best possible workout scenario is to be in God’s great outdoors. Long walks on the beach, hiking, or a short run. The furthest distance I have EVER run was a 10k (6.2 miles). If I go for a casual run, (I said ‘IF’) I cap out at 3 miles before an Asthma attack hits me. The Back Bay in Newport Beach is a favorite trail of mine, which is why I chose to shoot my favorite pieces from the Spring/Summer Jofit collection right at that very spot. Back in May I attended the Jofit grand opening event in Newport Beach and after trying on (I swear everything in the store), I walked out with 4 AMAZING new workout pieces. The brands m.o. is FIT and the Pacific Tights are no joke! Side panels versus side seams AND a compression waistband for an instantly flatter tummy! I paired this same pant with my 3 my new Jofit tops. The excursion tank in black is so versatile, I can wear it with black skinnies and layered jewelry to wear it out for dinner! Fitness, for me, starts with fashion. If I put on a fabulously flattering workout outfit, I am 1089% more motivated to get my sweat on. I can’t be alone in this!

When it comes to fitness goals, I make the most progress when I am in it to win it with a partner! Accountability and motivation make the fitness journey so much more inspiring. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently reading ‘Uninvited’ by Lysa Terkeurst and her concept of the ‘scarcity versus abundance mentality‘ came to mind when I think of the topic of fitness. It is all too easy to look at magazines, Instagram, and even social engagements and compare our physical appearance to the best (and most of the time photoshopped) version of our friends and influencers we follow and judge our success in correlation to other’s success. This is the scarcity mindset; that someone else’s success takes away from our own success and progress. God wants us to look at life with an abundance mindset; that we can have success independent of other’s success and we should be joyful in both ours and theirs! Terkeurst references Steven Covey’s explanation from his book of ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and he states, “The abundance mentality flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security.” That personal worth and security grows in our closeness with God the Father.

Psalm 104: 27-28 proclaims, “You give them all food in due season, you feed everybody.”

We don’t need to worry about other people’s fitness success impeding on ours. God is faithful and the fruitfulness of the world is promised to us when we live by His word. Wouldn’t this world be more loving if we could strive to live out Philippians 2: 4. “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also the interests of others.” Can you genuinely feel “Her success does not threaten mind.”? I don’t think I’m 100% there yet, but I will be soon!

What are your fitness goals, challenges, and routines? I would love to encourage you in this process! Comment below!

Thank you Jofit for gifting these fabulous pieces at your Newport Beach Grand Opening Event!

Expedition Tank in pebble print on sale HERE; Excursion Tank in black HERE; Pacific Tights in Carbon HERE; Muscle Tee in fluorescent pink HERE

Have a blessed week!


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