My Stay at the Villa del Palmar- Ezra 3: 10-11
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My Stay at the Villa del Palmar- Ezra 3: 10-11

There are so many different ways to travel the world these days. Airbnb’s, boutique hotels, and even hostels are usually my choice of stay, but my bestie Marisa and I scored the perfect resort for our Puerto Vallarta vacay at the beginning of summer. The Villa del Palmar was Insta-picture perfect with its bright orange exterior, 3 deep blue swimming pools, and private beach. Never in my whole life have I vacationed by spending 8 days at the same resort being able to unpack my bags and lay by the pool with little to no plans! It was quite refreshing not to be so active and adventurous while on holiday. We scored a MAJOR deal for our week’s stay, otherwise we would have been traveling quite differently.

When we checked into the resort, we were greeted by the friendliest concierge staff who took our complimentary drink order (one blended strawberry marg for me please) and mapped out our excursion options. We were escorted to our our room- 2 queen beds with kitchenette and balcony. This room was so colorful that it felt like a Barbie dream house! There were 3 pools, multiple restaurants, and a gym that we worked out in just once. We happened to be in Mexico before peak season, so the resort was quiet and spacious, but never felt TOO quiet. Although the media has encouraged American tourists to travel VERY carefully through certain cities in Mexico, I trust that God will protect my travels wherever I am in the world. However, it was comforting to have heightened security at our hotel. The Villa del Palmar felt UBER safe. Whenever we left the hotel, the gate attendant asked where we were heading off too, and upon our arrival back at the hotel, they asked for our room number.

We have God’s protection first, and then man’s protection. As I was reading in the book of Ezra this morning, I was reminded of God’s protection through this verse…

“When the builders completed the foundation of the Lord’s temple, the priests put on their robes and took their places to blow their trumpets… With praise and thanks, they sang this song to the Lord: ‘He is so good. His faithful love for Israel endures forever!'” -Ezra 3: 10-11

Ezra is a leader in the Bible that was faithful to God’s purpose for his life. Ezra led a group of Jews from Persia back to Jerusalem fulfilling the prophecy of Jeremiah where their mission was to rebuild the temple of the Lord. While the city walls also needed to be rebuilt, it was important to God’s people that they rebuild the temple first. The temple was used for spiritual purposes, and the city wall for military and political purposes. God is always the nation’s protector. A stone wall won’t protect the people if God is not with them. Praise Jesus for he is always with us!

While I am just beginning my journey to travel the world, my one piece of advice is to let God direct your path. Do not be afraid because the media has formulated an opinion on where you should and shouldn’t travel. Every country is loved by God and there is a whole world to see and explore! As for your next trip to Puerto Vallarta, the Villa del Palmar is where it’s at!

This post was not sponsored. I just really loved this resort!

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    Dolores martinez

    August 26, 2017

    We go to Mexico yearly n we stay at villa Del palmar we have never had any problems good people food n nightly entertainment wouldn’t stay any where else good to hear u had a great time

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