Mary or Martha?- Luke 10:41
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Mary or Martha?- Luke 10:41

Martha. Martha. Martha! Raise your hand if you are a Martha like moi?!

Do you have a hard time saying ‘no’ to people? Does a simple task escalate into a giant project? Can you squeeze one more meeting, favor, errand, or coffee date in?

If you nodded to yourself a big fat YES, then it’s safe to say that you just might be a Martha.

The story of Jesus visiting Martha and Mary plays an important role in determining 21st century priorities. The core of my being wants to keep busy at all times. I thrive off of To-Do lists… Check. Check. Check. If I have a full day off, I fill it with an agenda… Go. Go. Go. Vacations are dictated with a strict itinerary… Off to the next! Time is ALWAYS too little with WAY too much to accomplish, but C.S. Lewis stated ‘Only lazy people work hard.’ WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Let me tell you, being busy is a distraction from prioritizing our life to be Jesus-centered. Almost every single day I find tasks that need to be completed before I sit down and start my Bible study. Starting a load of laundry is less mentally and emotionally demanding than being hit in the face with God’s Word and what He is trying to tell you. Listening to God means changing our habits, growing spiritually, and following His will. Although all of those actions are eternally fulfilling, it can be downright exhausting to my little human self! The story of Mary and Martha is telling us to take time to relate to Jesus.

‘But Martha, Martha you are upset and worried about many things, but few things are needed.’- Luke 10:41

The physical act of Martha preparing a meal is not bad, but Jesus’s statement explains that some things are good and some things are better. In this particular instance, sitting at the feet of Jesus was the better option. Jesus was not condemning Martha because of her activity, but because of her attitude. Martha was pointing fingers at Mary for resting at the feet of Jesus while dinner was being made. Although Martha was preparing this meal to serve Jesus, her intent was to make herself appear worthy instead of bonding with the Lord in that precious moment.  While we may be Martha by nature, it’s important to realize that we can become a Mary, and at some points in our life, we might be acting as both!

This neutral ensemble is a new look for me! I typically shy away from wearing a monochromatic color palate, but I am so obsessed with blush and nude for spring! This pearl blouse is Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s (old, but similar HERE) is one of my favorite tops to wear to work. I just love the details. This spring season I bought this Aster pleated skirt from Nordstrom. A girl can never have too many pleated skirts in her closet! The colors between the blouse and skirt are similar, but don’t match, and that’s okay!


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    April 8, 2017

    Wow Sarah I love this post! I am also guilty of being driven by a to-do list, I love the feeling of checking things off my list! But I am learning to be still and let Jesus guide me each day rather than my list 🙂 Thank you for sharing the love of Christ in your posts! xo

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      May 3, 2017

      Hi Chantelle thanks for sharing your heart! I think listening to God instead of letting my to-do list dictate me will always be a constant struggle for me! Hopefully I will build better habits over time. Thank you for reading. PS. I love you blog! Have a blessed week!

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