Unveiling a Woman’s Beauty- Jeremiah 29:13
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Unveiling a Woman’s Beauty- Jeremiah 29:13

We are into the third month of the year and I am determined to stick to my goal of reading one new book a month! For March, I am readying Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge with the overarching theme of ‘unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul.’ With the feminist movement being more prevalent than ever, I was dying to understand what God had designed for me as a WOMAN. What is my feminine role in this world? Well Captivating gives some amazing insight into God’s perspective of women as descendants of Eve.

We were designed to be beautiful, because we were created in HIS image of course! Women desire so strongly to have an outwardly beautiful appearance that it can weigh heavily on their inner beauty and confidence. The Lord ALWAYS thinks we are beautiful and he cares most about our heart! The author Stasi states that beauty matters and here’s why.

Beauty speaks. Beauty invites. Beauty nourishes. Beauty comforts. Beauty inspires.

Beauty is transcendent… -“It is our most immediate experience of the eternal.”

Because beauty is more than an outward appearance, we ALL have beauty to unveil. Stasi states, “One of the deepest ways a woman bears the image of God is in her mystery.” We are designed this way because God wants us to seek him and His mystery, and men are designed to seek women this way! God yearns to be known and so do woman. He wants to be sought after and so do we. Women are not creatures to be solved, but explored and enjoyed! This is vital to her soul. I LOVE THAT!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. – Jeremiah 29:13

Women are mysterious, not to be dismissed as overly complex. Women are powerful because we were designed in God’s image. Women are radiant and the world needs WOMEN. When we seek God, He gives us comfort, peace, and direction and I am so incredibly blessed that I found a man that seeks me!

John and I have been engaged for almost 4 months now and every month on the 7th (we got engaged on 1.7.17), we celebrate our ‘engage-iversary.’ I’m pretty sure that’s a thing and if it’s not, Hallmark needs to get on that ish. No, no, we have not done any actual wedding planning, because our ‘I Do’s’ will be in the second half of 2018, potentially even early 2019, so John and I are soaking in every minute of the engagement process. We opened a joint wedding savings account, but we are taking our time because you only get to be Fiancé and Fiancée once in your lifetime.

About two weeks after we got home from Israel, where John popped the question, we hosted our engagement party. All we wanted out of this soirée was our family and friends together under one roof sipping on champagne and nibbling on cheese and crackers. We did just that! Once I was engaged, I was so excited to start building a wardrobe of white dresses and then it hit me… I am on a budget for a wedding! Every dress I buy now takes a chunk out of my wedding dress fund! I was on a mission to make something I had in my closet work for the party!

Back in 2015, I bought this white tulle skirt by Topshop from Nordstrom! I’ve linked a similar option from Asos HERE, because naturally it’s been out of stock for two years. I LOVE my white tulle skirt. It’s memorable, feminine, and every time I wear it, I feel like a princess. Because a tulle skirt is a statement piece, it’s not the most versatile item I have in my closet. However, it was the perfect item to build my engagement party outfit around! To complete the look, after browsing endlessly for ideas on Pinterest, I asked to borrow an off-the-shoulder body suit by Misguided from a friend of mine, which is also sold out (similar HERE). Voilà… I managed to dress myself head to toe without spending a penny! One of the engagement gifts I received was this darling Ted Baker tote bag! It just screams bride and I’m obsessed!

John’s brother has graciously accepted our request to take our engagement photos this weekend, so stay tuned!

Photography by Marc Downing

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