3 Biblical Guidelines for Social Media- Psalms 19:14
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3 Biblical Guidelines for Social Media- Psalms 19:14

Taking 3 weeks off of blogging was a hard move for me emotionally, yet incredibly rejuvenating! Let me tell you why! I kicked off March by attending my monthly meeting with Marketplace Women of Orange County- a networking group that encourages and inspires women to integrate their professional, personal and spiritual lives and change the Marketplace.  The topic that morning was on Biblical Guidelines for Social Media. Are you wondering how your faith and social media can coexist? I was too! I began Style Servant with the purpose of sharing my faith through fashion blogging, but I am totally guilty of getting wrapped up in the black hole that is social media.

Hours go by when scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, and then I realize, ‘Oh shoot. Now I don’t have time to read a book or work on my Bible Study.’ However, there are so many great ways to use social media platforms to be a light in a potentially negative feed. With that being said, I would never tell someone, or myself, to quit social media cold turkey. Here are a few key guidelines that help us evaluate our communication and apply biblical standards.

1. Listen before you like

Scroll, like. Scroll, like. Scroll, like. How easy is it to scroll though social media and just ‘like’ EVERY SINGLE posting? If I am the only one, then gosh I need to stop that! It’s vital to be genuine in our ‘likes,’ but more importantly, what does ‘liking’ a photo symbolize to the world? That we condone what the person posted and that might not always be the case. I do my best to avoid ‘liking’ anything on social media in regards to politics. I do my best to avoid ‘liking’ photos of young and impressionable teens who may be wearing something that is sure cute, but scandalous for their age. I do my best to avoid ‘liking’ something that may point people away from God. Be in tune with the Lord and listen to Him if He tells you not to like something!

2. Contemplate before you comment

Comments speak louder than likes, just like actions speak louder than words. If you comment on someone’s post, you REALLY have something to say. My advice for this tidbit is to keep you words positive, uplifting, encouraging, and pleasing to the Lord.

3. Pray before you post

Wow. This guideline really shook me to the core. I have been blogging for over 3 years and it has been so routine that I don’t ask God what I should be writing each week. As much as I love to share my outfit details and new seasonal trends, I want to dive deeper with my readers! I want you to take something applicable away from each one of my posts. I hope to teach you, encourage you, uplift you, and bring a light to your day. I 100% need to pray before I post and ask God to speak through me!

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” -Psalms 19:14

What we type on the internet or on social media should be taken as seriously as if we were saying it to the Lord. We should be seeking His approval. Would Jesus ‘like’ what I ‘like?’ Would Jesus comment what I commented on? Would Jesus just share my post?

Listen. Contemplate. Pray.

Give the glory to God!

Photography by Marc Downing

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Have a blessed week!


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