J. Crew Loves You Too- Matthew 19:26
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J. Crew Loves You Too- Matthew 19:26


My love for J.Crew is unconditional and eternal! I am seriously obsessed, but I have to be realistic with my shopping habits, but HEY, a girl can dream. This J.Crew striped tunic is unbelievably classic, yet fresh. From the cuffed sleeves to the wrap-around bow, I’ve got some serious googly eyes for this blouse. I’ve styled it here with a blue striped pencil skirt (keeping the print mix in the same color palate) and white heels, but swap out the skirt for a pair of distressed denim or white jeans and voila, a totally different look!

J. Crew Tunic HERE; Rebecca Minkoff Clutch HERE; Halogen Skirt HERE

Photography by Mariah Massey






Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible, but with God, everything is possible.”

Matthew 19:26

WITH GOD, anything is possible! However, in context, this verse is referring to mankind getting into the Kingdom of Heaven! Matthew 19:26 comes right after the well-known ‘eye of the needle’ verse where God describes how difficult it is for ‘rich’ people to part with their material possessions in order to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. The disciples are astounded and ask Jesus who can be saved. His response that with God, everything is possible. Everyone can be saved THROUGH GOD. Our salvation should be our most precious possession!

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