Rainbow Bright- Matthew 18:4
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Rainbow Bright- Matthew 18:4


February is my favorite month of the year, mostly because it’s my birthday month, but also because we start to transition from winter to spring here in SoCal! I love that amethyst is February’s birthstone because purple is my all-time FAVE color. Or maybe purple is my favorite color because it’s my birthstone. I suppose I’ll never really know! BUT HOW PERFECT IS THIS PURPLE WALL?

I have always been a color lover and this Topshop sweater just speaks to me. It reminds me of Rainbow Brite, a 64 pack of crayons, and rainbow sprinkles, all of which hold a special place in my heart. Also, the delicate ruffle cuff sleeve is a sweet touch! Typically with a sweater with this much going on, I would pair it with black jeans and call it a day, but what fun would that be? I took a risk to partner this bold top with a bold printed skirt and I loved it together! I am ready for all the new trends spring 2017 has to offer!

Elizabeth and James Metallic Tote HERE; Topshop Sweater HERE; Milly Midi Skirt HERE; BP Shoes HERE







Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 18:4

Humbling ourselves before God and before others is so important to Him! It’s easy to compare ourselves to those around us. If something is going well in someone else’s life, we question why that exact thing isn’t happening like that for ourselves. Children are humble because they haven’t been exposed to darkness of the world. Humbling myself like a child reminds me of having ‘childlike faith,’ a trait that the Lord treasures.

Have a blessed week!


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