Sleeveless Turtlenecks are Back- Matthew 24:44
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Sleeveless Turtlenecks are Back- Matthew 24:44


My adolescent years, specifically 4th grade to 8th grade, were full of wild beauty and fashion faux pas. Dark eyeliner, heavy foundation, side-swept bangs, low rise jeans, capri-length leggings (under denim skirts!), Hollister sweatshirts. Must I go on? I retook my 6th grade yearbook photo twice, to try different hairstyles, but wore a SLEEVELESS TURTLENECK SWEATER in both attempts. I hate this photo so much that I swore off ever wearing something that even resembles that top, BUT I broke this promise to myself almost 15 years later. This trend is back and I am ready to get in the game.

I have been on a turtleneck binge this season (see previous post here), but I am testing out this sleeveless option I picked up from Nordstrom. While I am dying to be bundled up, the sleeveless sweater is actually perfect for California’s temperamental weather fluctuations. I love the distressed tears in the top, but to quote my boyfriend, ‘It looks like you were dragged behind a car for a while.’ Sometimes boys just don’t get it! He always tells me I look pretty, but his analogies for my fashion choices are quite creative. Because all black is not my thang, I broke up the top and booties with white distressed denim. I am all for white after Labor Day! Make your own fashion rules and run with them!

Sun & Shadow Tank Similar (and on sale) Here; Topshop Denim Here; Steve Madden Booties Here

Photography by Marc Downing 








Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

Matthew 24:44

While I didn’t expect sleeveless turtleneck sweaters to EVER come back, I wholeheartedly believe that Jesus WILL come back as he promised in the New Testament. The timing of the matter is not worth trying to figure out, because the Bible states that he will come at an hour we don’t expect. What we should be focusing on every single day, is obeying Jesus’s commandments of loving Him with all our heart, soul, and mind, AND loving our neighbor as ourself. I would love to see our world commit to that!

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