Rocksbox Jewelry- Acts 20:33
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Rocksbox Jewelry- Acts 20:33


Perry Street Necklace Here; Slate Ear Jackets Here; Topshop Sweater Here; Topshop Jeans Here; Chinese Laundry Boots Similar Here 

Jewelry is a part of me, my wardrobe, and my spending habits. When I purchase a piece of jewelry, I become emotionally attached. Let me illustrate the magnitude of that attachment for you. In kindergarten, I found a ring on the playground that was in the shape of a green heart, engraved with a silver smiley face. I kept it for almost two decades, although it’s now only big enough to fit on my pinky finger… and I never wore it. I own earrings that I received as a gift before I was born, and I didn’t even have my ears pierced until I was almost a teenager. Jewelry, more so than shoes, clothing, or even handbags, evokes sentimental feelings that I just can’t shake.

I own A LOT of costume jewelry. I’m scared to even count the amount of earrings I own because I can just guess it’s well over 50 pairs. Sounds ridiculous, but if you break down the number of years that I have had my ears pierced (12 years and two piercings per ear), that is only one pair purchased every three months. Not THAT crazy. However, a growing collection can lead to clutter, especially with trends changing so regularly. Statement accessories one season, dainty the next. But what’s a girl to do?


Rocksbox Jewelry.


Rocksbox is an online retailer that offers a jewelry rental service! When you sign up for a membership, you really never need to ‘shop’ for jewelry again. I created my account with my sister and we spent a solid 3o minutes adding items to my wishlist. It was so addicting!

A few days later, my stylist sent me my maiden ‘Rocksbox’ with my first three pieces. After wearing the necklace, ear jacket, and crystal cuff all month…I am absolutely hooked. Wait, it gets better. If you can’t live without one of the items they send you, you can purchase  it at a discounted (for realsies) price!

You can be a part of this Rocksbox amazingness for $19 a month. DO IT!

Handpicked and delivered to your door. 3 pieces at a time. Unlimited swaps. Free shipping, cancel anytime.

Use my promo code: StyleServantxoxo and get your first month free! That’s hundreds of dollars of jewelry straight to your closet just like that. What is there to lose?









Photography by Marc Downing 

‘I have not coveted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing.’

Acts 20:33

Have you ever been jealous of someones wardrobe? I know I am guilty of that daily. While fashion is my ‘thing’ I need to remind myself ALL THE TIME to set my priorities straight. God comes first and I can’t idolize clothing, style icons, and jewelry. Instead of spending over a hundred dollars on new jewelry a month, Rocksbox jewelry offers me a way to spend less money, but wear more new styles. Store your treasures in Heaven ladies! What is most beautiful about us is our character.

Have a blessed week!