Sarah in Seattle- Jeremiah 31:26
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Sarah in Seattle- Jeremiah 31:26


After traveling to New York City in January, Toronto in June, and now Portland and Seattle this September, I feel like I can’t be tied down to just one city! I have left a piece of my heart in all these metropolitan destinations. Next (and last) stop of 2016 is Tel Aviv, Israel for New Year’s Eve. I won’t see the ball drop in the Big Apple, but we have some unique plans up our sleeves.

When traveling to a city for the first time, I always feel the pressure to see and do EVERYTHING. To be honest, I haven’t been super proactive at doing my research ahead of time, so when I arrive, I often waste precious moments scrolling through Pinterest for the must-see monuments, eateries, and museums. In Seattle, though, we had plenty of time (5.5 days) to knock out our bucket list on a leisurely schedule. We bought the City Pass for $75 which allowed us entry to the EMP Museum, Chihuly Glass Museum, Seattle Aquarium, top of the Space Needle, and an Argosy Cruise harbor tour! Each one of those attractions is an absolute must-see/do. Other adventures included the walking down Gum Alley, catching a fish at Pike Place Market, riding jet-skies, and touring the Japanese Gardens. We were so blessed that we were able to stay with a friend on Lake Washington, which meant the money we saved on hotel stay went directly into FOOD!

Here are my top dining recommendations:

  1. Elliott’s Oyster House- On the water
  2. Top Pot Doughnuts- Official donut of the Seahawks
  3. Radiator Whiskey- Pike Place Market
  4. Habitant-Flagship Nordstrom
  5. Voula’s Offshore Cafe- Featured on ‘Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives’

The one thing this trip lacked was authentic weather! It rained one night while we were asleep, but the sun was definitely out to play. This outfit post was from our first full day in Seattle. My leather jacket (not photographed) came in handy for the crisp morning, but by the afternoon, even my flannel was too warm! This black & white checkered tunic from Zara was only $15 on sale and was perfect to pair with my leather leggings. I am always looking for pieces that are both comfortable and chic. Also, a girl can never own too many flannels!

Hue Leggings Here; Zara Flannel Similar Here; Dolce Vita Booties Here (Now on Sale!)








Then they will say, ‘Under these conditions I can enjoy sweet sleep when I wake up and look around.’

Jeremiah 31:26

I get severely judged when I admit that I haven’t seen ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ Although I wouldn’t be able to make any references to the movie, I am going to assume there wasn’t much sleep happening. However, on this trip we got 8-9 hours every night! I get identify with this Jeremiah verse that when I woke up every morning, I thoroughly enjoyed sweet sleep! This verse alludes to visions and revelations made to the Prophet in his sleep. When we are most at rest, we can hear God speak to us. Have you ever had an experience like this? I would love to hear!

Have a blessed week!


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    Natalie Wilson

    October 5, 2016

    Love that you left a list of your must see travel/ food spots! Next time you go to Seattle check out the Italian restaurant called “The Pink Door”! It’s got great food and is really artsy, plus an aerial trapeze artist performs high above your table while you eat!

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