Last Day of Summer- Luke 16:19
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Last Day of Summer- Luke 16:19


Technically the autumn season doesn’t begin until September 22, practically a month away. However, once August is over, students are back in school, trips to the beach become more scarce, and pina coladas turn into apple cider. The essence of summer has come to a bittersweet conclusion for the year. If the SoCal weather permits, I’ll be rotating my shorts, bikinis, and sundresses to the back of my closet, allowing my jackets and fall necessities to gain back their prime real estate.

One thing that stays constant in this seasonal change is my love for dresses. While linen is typically a summer fabric, this BCBGeneration dress from Blue Eyed Girl boutique is my go-to pre-fall work dress. It’s still warm outside when I walk out of work at 5 o’clock, so I love that it’s sleeveless and lightweight when my jacket comes off. The neutral white and tan stripes have a vintage vibe, while being the perfect colors to head into the new season with.

Photography by Marc Downing





“Now there was a rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, joyously living in splendor every day.”

Luke 16:19

Linen has been around since the human race started wearing clothes. It was accessible to both the poor and the rich. The difference was that the rich dyed their materials in deep colors to symbolize their wealth, while the poor wore the linen in its natural state. This verse in Luke was describing the Pharisees, who lived among the disciples, the poor, and the beggars, while enjoying their money and everything money could buy. This parable of the Rich Man, depicts how easy it is to be comforted by money, rather than the blessings of the Lord. In a commentary by Greg Carey, he states, ‘Blessedness is not the opposite of Luxury.’ Luxury is not a replacement for blessed comfort.

Have a blessed week!


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