Osea Malibu- Psalm 95:5
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Osea Malibu- Psalm 95:5


Summer is rapidly approaching, and this means finding the perfect skin care routine is more vital than ever. My fair skin and fear of waves tends to make my trips to the beach limited, but the coastal breeze def beats sitting cooped up with no air conditioning! Being outside without the correct skin care routine can be absolutely damaging short term and long term for the health of your skin. While SPH is preventative, OSEA Malibu’s skin care products have healing ingredients that make a difference in your skin NOW. It has made a difference in mine!

OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. Their products are vegan, natural, and non-toxic. This company produces these products without doing harm to the environment, because Mother Earth is where they source their ingredients! I have tried 3 products so far, the Ocean Cleansing Mudd, the Sea Vitamin Boost Mist, and the Atmosphere Protection Cream.

I isolated each product as I introduced them into my skin care routine, starting with the cleanser. The Cleansing Mudd smells like a tropical spa and makes my face tingle just the right amount! Next was the sea vitamin boost which is a blend pomegranate and red wine extracts that hydrates my skin without adding extra oils. Last but not least, and my favorite of the three (if I have to choose a favorite) is the Atmosphere Protection Cream. For having oily skin, this is the best moisturizer I have ever used. It leaves my skin soft without a layer of oily residue and its the perfect invisible base for my make up! I am so obsessed.

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The sea is His, for it was He who made it, And His hands formed the dry land.

Psalm 95:5

God created the sea and saw that it was good. OSEA Malibu feels the same way about the ocean! We have a responsibility to take care of God’s creation because He created it for more than just us to enjoy during our lifetime!

Have a blessed week!


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