Adidas Superstars- Genesis 1:16
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Adidas Superstars- Genesis 1:16

The fourth grade girly-girl version of myself freaks at the idea of wearing sneakers, EVER. With some fashion risk taking and experimentation, I am now more confident than ever to be Sneaker-Chic. My recent adventures to Paris and New York proved to me that the most fashionable women of the city have the best street style complete with the IT sneaker of the moment.¬†Currently that shoe is the Adidas Superstar and apparently this shoe is hard to get your hands on… or feet into I should say!
When a 5 1/2 pair was returned at my work (Yes I have tiny feet), I jumped on this shoe. It retails at about $80 and it is even more comfortable than my favorite Nike. Who knew? The shoe runs slightly big if you are looking to order a pair and not try them on a head of time. My fave way to wear sneakers is with a feminine dress such as this body-con option from Love and Whiskey boutique. The olive color keeps this street look more neutral, but I am also excited to wear these sneakers with some color!
Adidas Superstar Shoes: Here
Bobi Los Angeles Dress: Here












God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also.

Genesis 1:16

The sun and the moon are the way that God uses light to illuminate the Earth. Living in a densely populated city, it is not very often that I can appreciate a night sky full of stars. When I do have those moments, I can’t help but feel the vastness of the universe and God’s incredible power to create such a beautiful atmosphere. I feel so small compared to the sky full of stars, and that’s okay because I know that the Lord hears my prayers and witnesses my every move!

Have a blessed week!

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