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Outlets at San Clemente- Ephesians 2:16

One of my favorite parts about the Christmas season is gift shopping for my loved ones! I of course make a detailed list in my agenda of who I need to find presents for and a brainstorming web of themed ideas. Hence, it is December 9th, and I am 95% finished shopping with everything wrapped and under my tree. Last week, I needed to scope out the new Outlets at San Clemente before checked everything off my list! The holiday decorations there were on point and the view of the ocean was to die for. Similar to the new Pacific City shopping center in Huntington Beach, more retailers are still to come, but I was quite entertained by window shopping. Everything from boutiques such as the Daisy Shoppe to the Nike store, I was impressed with my options so far. 
   I have been on a serious man hunt for the perfect plaid dress for what feels like all of eternity! Something more sophisticated than a flannel, but not too formal that looked like a Christmas dress I could only wear once a year. Finally, after scrolling through my Nordstrom app one random evening, I found this Cupcakes and Cashmere shift dress with the colors I wanted that also had POCKETS. Lately my inner Clueless vibes have taken over my fashion authority. When cleaning out my closet, I was tempted to donate my cream boucle sweater because I felt it was a hard texture to mix into my wardrobe. I am so glad that I have an emotional attachment to my clothes and decided not to get rid of it, because it’s the peanut butter to my jelly of a dress! I have previously mentioned my obsession with plaid and knee high socks, and that obsession isn’t ending any time soon! 
Dress: Here; Socks: Here; Shoes: Similar Here; Bag: Similar Here; Necklace: Similar Here 
Photos By: Matt Heisler 

Together as one body, Christ reconciled both groups to God by means of his death on the cross, and our hostility toward each other was put to death.
Ephesians 2:16
The hostility of this world heightens every day. I hate to say it, but Satan enjoys watching one religion pitting themselves against another, race against race, man against man. We are only fueling his fire, when we act out in anger against each other, instead of killing people with kindness and using love as our weapon. I don’t think that this war of a world is going to get better before it gets worse, but we have prayer as our outlet for pain and it’s our hope for peace. It’s going to take a spiritual army to get us out of this mess, but in the mean time, remember that Christ’s death on the cross will put an end to this hostility sooner that we know it.
Have a blessed week!