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Vest Vibes- Proverbs 3:27

Happy almost Thanksgiving! While my baking skills are questionable, I am thankful that my pumpkin pie pecan bars I made for my Friendsgiving this week did not turn out like cottage cheese (like my no-bake pumpkin cheese cake recipe did for our Halloween dinner party.) Praise Jesus! I am also thankful that the weather isn’t so unbearably warm, that I can where long sleeves and layers! This 1 State vest from Nordstrom is the most versatile item in my closet! I don’t even have to try to put an outfit together, it just does all the work for me. Simple for me can be challenging. I love to mix prints, colors, and textures, but I have a hard time going back to the basics. While a vest is a more masculine layering piece, I show off my girly side by wearing my Sole Society gray suede pointy-toe heels. Black and white is so chic on its own and takes the planning out getting dressed in the morning. I should really try this look more often, or at least when I have outfit planning block before sunrise! 
Sole Society Shoes: Similar Here
Paige Black Jeans: Here 

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, while it is in your power to act!
Proverbs 3:27
Not only this this a week a reminder to be extra thankful to our creator, but also a reminder to do good to others when God presents us with an opportunity to do so. Teachers, parents, managers, friends, church leaders… We all have people in our lives that we could do a little extra something for. Do you ever see a stranger do good and it makes you want to do something nice for them? This week I saw a young boy (maybe 7 years old) accidently not hold a door open for somebody. When he turned around and saw that a woman was coming his way, he ran back to the door to open it for her. It was the sweetest thing! God sees all little deeds, and it glorifies Him when we do good for others! 
Have a blessed week!

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