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Noguchi Garden- Numbers 24:6

California is one unique place to live! Unfortunately, I know that I am taking advantage of my home state on the daily. Driving down PCH almost every morning (and then sitting in typical traffic) and knowing that I could visit almost any type of terrain in one day’s drive is a blessing that I should be more appreciative of. Hidden in the heard of Costa Mesa, down the street from South Coast Plaza, is the Noguchi Garden at the California Scenario. This sculpture garden was commissioned by Henry Segerstrom to symbolize the various geographical landscapes in the Golden State. My boyfriend is lucky enough to work in the building the is adjacent to the Noguchi Gardens. He gets a taste of California everyday on his lunch break!
Finally the weather has cooled off this week, so I am breaking out my knee-high boot collection! I have been on a bootie kick lately, but my tall boots were longing for some overdue attention. Many a times I build my outfit from the ground up, starting with my shoes. My chocolate brown Michael Kors boots are a long time favorite of mine. The leather is starting to wear out from being well-loved, but that’s nothing a little leather conditioner can’t fix! Knee-high boots and dresses (or skirts) is one of my favorite trends, but as a petite gal, it can be tricky because I don’t have much leg to work with. Proportions are key in this styling situation. The boots have to be just the right height while the skirt needs to be the perfect amount of short. One of my most unique blazers is my equestrian-style grandpa blazer by Gibson (with SUEDE ELBOW PATCHES) which happened to match identically to my boots! Then comes mixing colors with chocolate brown and forest green! Talk about a color dilemma here. First I tried mustard yellow, and that was a sad combination. So after three outfit changes, I settled on my black fit and flare dress by Lush from Nordstrom. Nothing new with subtle jewelry to complete the look! Maybe this week I will have a chance to break out my rain boots! 

Like valleys that stretch out, Like gardens beside the river, Like aloes planted by the LORD, Like cedars beside the waters.
Numbers 24:6 
This verse describing Israel perfectly represents the beauties of California. This description comes from Balaam, when the spirit of the Lord is upon him, as he sees the blessings of the place he resides. This week when I was reminded of all the different natural wonders of the place I live, I realized how fortunate I am to be born and raised here. Who knows where God’s travels may take me, but for now, I am going to embrace my home sweet home!
Have a blessed week!

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