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Anaheim Packing District- Joel 3:14

After living in Southern California for 23 years, one would think that I would run out of restaurants and entertainment ideas! Somedays when I feel this way too, I really dig deep into the heart of Google and wind up finding perfect new adventure locations. This weeks destination was the Anaheim Packing District. A two-story, partially underground, gourmet food court experience. After wandering for a solid twenty minutes bouncing recommendations off my sister (BBQ? Maybe. Pizza? Maybe. FANCY GRILLED CHEESE BAR? Heck to the yes!) we chose to eat at Black Sheep and then Popbar for customized ice-cream bars! 
I feel bad for continuously complaining about the heat around here, but as each day passes, I am striving to maximize fall trends in warm weather outfits! I finally broke out some leather for the season, not a leather jacket quite yet, but one of my many leather skirts (Sam Edelman). I think that the zipper detail is just darling and adds a slight edge to my always girly vibe. A leather mini-skirt in this heat requires a bare leg. However, frilly ankle socks (Nordstrom) are my new favorite peek-a-boo trend for booties. It’s a subtle detail that goes a long way. I wore my thinest gray sweater (Trouve by Nordstrom) tucked in to break up my petite frame. It’s actually an oversized sweater I pair back to denim. As of late, I am super into hats! This texturized hat by Topshop pulled all my gray and black color tones together. The best part about changing up accessories is that the rest of the outfit can be basic or classic, but on trend through new accessory pieces. 

Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.
Joel 3:14
Walking into the Anaheim Packing District, I knew that I would be stumped with decisions on where to eat! There were so many desirable choices! This situation is no different than our day to day lives. There are many pleasurable decisions that we are faced with. Some are sinful and some are Godly. The Lord is always watching, and although He knows that sometimes we make the wrong choice, He is always nearby to help us get back on track!
Have a blessed week!

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