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Carried Away with Suede- Psalm 19:6

Here is my September issue in Orange County. All the fall magazines hit news stands. All the fall catalogs hit homes. All the fall fashion hits department stores. And all the heat waves we prayed for all summer hit the coast! It’s all a tease! Can’t a girl just catch a break and relax in a cozy over-sized sweater drinking a cup of hot herbal tea out of a donut themed coffee mug? That time will come soon enough my friends. I have expectant hope! In the mean time, we have got to find a solution to wearing fall trends in this warm weather.
Suede is my absolute obsession this season and it comes in all categories of fashion. If your world hasn’t been rocked already by the over-the-knee suede boots, 70’s inspired fringe suede skirts, or flirty suede dresses, it’s not too late! Suede is the new black. Leather is still a major trend this season, but we will be seeing it more in details, rather than complete looks. With this heat upon us, suede is more breathable than leather and doesn’t appear quite as heavy. My suede button up dress is a little number I have had for three years that I bought from the BP department at Nordstrom. A trick I use to avoid wearing a jacket to cover my shoulders for work is layering a light weight chiffon blouse (also vintage BP) underneath the dress. Also, peep-toe booties (Steve Madden) are the best footwear trend until it cools down. Color is key when getting dressed in September. Cremes, tans, and caramels are perfect to avoid black which attracts heat!

The sun rises at one end of the heavens & follows its course to the other end. Nothing can hide from its heat.
Psalm 19:6
We can’t avoid the heat of the sun which provides life and energy. We also can’t avoid the light of the Son who provides us with life and energy. There are natural forces that take their course, and we are to go with the grain of God’s will in all circumstances. Air conditioning can only hide us so long from the heat, but we have to face the outside world eventually! We shouldn’t run from God, we should adapt to what his calling is for us! He can see all our sin, but through His grace we have an eternal paradise to look forward to! This heat only lasts here on Earth for all His children.

Have a blessed week!

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