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Donut Diaries: California Donuts

 Happy National Donut week! This holiday is a donut lover’s equivalent of a birthday and Christmas combined! With all of this sugar entering my body, I have been forcing myself work out slightly more than usual. Let’s be real, the only motivation to run is to indulge in my favorite food group… sprinkle donuts. For this special occasion, my sister and I drove to LA so we could try the oh so coveted California Donuts. Even with summer gas prices on the rise, every bite was worth that drive! Naturally, we ordered a dozen… plus a creme puff. I threw on my ‘Play it Sweet’ work out tank that was gifted from my lovely best friend Emily, Zella capris, and striped sports bra because I really did hit the gym after! Also, my donut ear buds are a must for all this post donut cardio. California Donuts was the perfect treat for National Donut Day. Now it’s your turn to try it out (the work out is optional)! Ready. Set. GO!









California Donuts:
3540 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles, 90020
(213) 385-3318


Jesus said, ‘Your faith has saved you. NOW GO!’
Luke 7:50
I have always considered myself to have a strong faith, but after following the current series at Saddleback Church, I am learning that I could really improve my ‘Daring Faith.’ This weekend’s message really hit the point home about putting your faith into action. Life is about taking that next step. It’s time to stop sitting in neutral and GO. Sometimes just taking the first step of your walk is all you need to push that momentum into a run! My faith has taken me this far, but I still have wonders to go.


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