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Love Love Match- John 15:12

Flashbacks of my days as a tennis player are rushing back to me. I played the game for five years starting at the age of 10. The sophistication of the sport and the fact that I could wear a skirt were major selling points. My heart was all in, until I got to a competitive level… and they made me run during practice. Then I was all out. However, I am regretting not keeping up with my technique, because this would be a perfect workout for a French wannabe such as myself. 
With ‘Sporty-Chic’ being a major fashion trend this spring and heading into summer, I wanted to incorporate a ladylike look with my raved about sneakers. Kate Spade’s line a summer or two ago was all about tennis, and I was totally inspired! My favorite skirt of the season is this pleated neoprene number by Trouve from Nordstrom. Guess what y’all… IT’S ON SALE. To add my pop of color, I paired this flirty bottom (that has pockets!) with this sleeveless wrap top, also by Trouve from Nordstrom, and ALSO ON SALE. Nordstrom is having their May Half Yearly Sale, and this catalog look is such a steal!   

My command is this: LOVE each other as I have LOVEd you.
John 15:12
Love-Love. What happens when there is no score at the end of the game? There is still love for the sport right? When we are not feeling like winners, we still have God’s love to cling onto. Jesus loves us, and calls us to love each other. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially when we are not ahead in our own lives, but there will always be another match. So get back into the game! You got this! 
Have a sporty week!

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