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Tulle Skirts in the Tuileries: Paris Part 3

Audrey Hepburn couldn’t have said it better… Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. Initially, I planned this quick trip to France as a bonding moment for my sister and I to visit one of my best friends, Kellie. Scheduling the dates became tricky around spring breaks and whatnot. However, after the flight was booked, I realized that God was planning something BIG called Paris Fashion Week, and that we would be there to experience it all. Kellie and her classmates are experts in where to be and when to be there. So naturally, we stalked every fashion show we knew about, or we hung out in the Tuileries Gardens (as seen in the majority of my pictures) where fashionistas would be casually posing for pictures. First show destination was Balmain at the Grand Hotel. We snagged some American Apparel swag (oh the irony!) that was perfect for us California locals. Basically I was in a dream as I watched celebs, bloggers, and buyers enter into the show. More on the Paris street style to come!
Can you even imagine the anxiety I faced planning outfits to wear during Paris Fashion Week? It was a serious issue. I found this amazing white tulle skirt (Topshop at Nordstrom) on sale for $40, so I started planning my outfit around this center piece. I do this a lot. I get hung up on one piece and build what to wear from there! I really was set on wearing my Nike’s most of the trip as I only packed three pairs of shoes (shocker right?), so I thought I would take the fashion risk and wear these athletic sneakers with a feminine look. I found a black and white silk crop top in my closet and topped off the outfit with my timeless black fur coat as featured in my Paris Part 1 post.      

Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place (garden) called Gethsemane, and he said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.”
Matthew 26:36
Easter is this Sunday which means this is Holy Week. While I spent most of my trip in Paris in the Tuileries Gardens style stalking, Jesus spent His time in the Garden of Gethsemane praying before He was crucified for all of our sins. Did you know that He prayed so hard that He shed blood? Crazy, but true! Spend some time this week in a peaceful place (maybe a garden close by) and take a moment to thank Jesus for going through the pain of the cross to give us eternal life! On Sunday we can celebrate that He is risen!
Have a Happy Easter!

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