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The Palace of Versailles: Royal Style

Does anyone besides me wish that there were more present day kings and queens, princes and princesses, and dukes and duchesses? Just imagine all the royal weddings, royal babies, and royal fashion. Forget the politics, let’s just pretend that the Princess Diaries is a real possibility for anyone of us. On day 3 in Paris, my sister and I traveled to the Palace of Versailles to explore the grounds of this historical architectural masterpiece and its magical gardens. I was taken aback by the size of the property and how long it took to build such a work of art that was filled with even more art. Gosh darn winter weather left many of the trees in the gardens naked, but the extravagance was present none the less. 
On this crisp Parisian day, I found myself bundled up in my mustard oversized sweater (Hinge by Nordstrom), fuzzy periwinkle coat (Topshop), white straight-leg jeans (AG Jeans), and black Nikes. I really wanted to mix the bright yellow and blue hues together with white denim for primary color-blocked look. Dressing for the cool weather during the spring can be challenging, but that is why a bright colored coat and layering sweaters are absolutely essential! Also, adding a floral scarf is an easy accessory when transitioning from winter to spring, even for a California girl like me. 

May peace be within your walls, And prosperity within your palaces.
Psalm 122:7
Living in a castle, palace, or mansion would be unreal. While visiting these historical venues, I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to live in a palace like Versailles. I would get lost and overwhelmed trying to find the bathroom! I would however enjoy how big my closet would be. No matter what size house you live in, think of your living space as your personal palace. Fill your home with mementos and memories that turn your attention to God. As I am decorating my new apartment, I plan to frame my favorite bible verses and fill my bookshelves with my Christian reading collection. I want there to be peace within the walls of my home and when my focus in on the Lord, He will allow us to prosper for His kingdom.  
Have a royal week!

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