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Sarah in the City: London Style

‘Ello there! Believe it or not, my terrifying British accent did not improve even slightly during my 48 hours in London. Luckily, that was the only disappointing low of the trip! Okay, I take that back… We got lost a handful of times, but other than that, just the lack of a better accent. Last week, my sister, Erin, and I embarked the largest plane we have ever been carried through the sky on from LAX to London Heathrow. When we landed, we met up with my bestie, Kellie, as she was our host and tour guide. We spent half of Friday, all of Saturday, and half of Sunday in this stylish city before heading off to the main part of the vacation, Paris, France. While in London, we enjoyed High Tea, Pret-a-Por’tea’ to be exact, which was fashion designer themed tea and pastries before exploring Harrod’s, Topshop, and other amazing shopping. The next day consisted of the Warner Brother Studio Tour of the making of Harry Potter where we sipped Butter Beer and played on set of the Night Bus, Bridge to Hogwart’s, and many other scenes from the movies. London wouldn’t be London without fish and chips, Indian Food, and Pret-a-Manger as our major meals. We ventured through Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Soho, and the Tower of London all by foot. I desperately needed a foot massage and a pedicure. 
I was so excited for it to rain in London, because I wanted the cliche English experience. I wore my London Fog trench coat that I bought on sale back before my trip to New York and was able to wear it for the first time. I love the simplicity that a trench coat offers, so I paired it with all black. Black jeans (J Brand). Black rain booties (Amazon). Black scarf (H&M). Black handbag (Marc Jacobs). I added that little extra something with cheetah-print gloves (Old Navy) and red lipstick (Bobbi Brown). Street style in London was killer, which left me so eager for the City of Light, Paris. 

Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.
Psalm 116:2
I was obsessed with the telephone booths in London. Never did I see anyone make a phone call, but it reminded me of how thankful I was to be in an iconic city. As I got to brainstorming about what bible verse would stick out to me for the week, I started thinking about calling upon the Lord. Some phone calls in a telephone booth are used to just say hello, some for a question, some to give answers, some to ask for something, some for emergency, and some are just to hear a voice which are all necessary reasons to call on God. He is always present to hear our prayer, and I am so grateful that he never turns his back on me, even when His voice is not as loud and clear as I would like. Because he listens, I want to call on him to better our relationship that is always growing stronger. 

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