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Fashion Meets Fitness: Hiking in Style

The irony of my life is that I love to eat donuts, and I am learning to love an active lifestyle. This past Sunday, I hiked EIGHT MILES which may or may not seem like a heck of a distance, but it was definitely a challenge to a beginner hiker such as myself. Laguna Beach was the perfect setting for a January workout with the ocean to the right and the hillside to the left.  
While the idea of hiking seems so simple, the preparation is quite the opposite. Packing my North Face backpack full of water, snacks (no donuts this time), sunscreen, and other camping trinkets made me feel confident that I could conquer the world. Dressing appropriately was the next step in the process. My current goal in life is to be fashionable during fitness. I layered my Under Armor sleeveless hoodie over my black sports bra, perfect for comfort and breathability. I can always rely on my Zella ‘Live in’ Capris because whether it’s hot or cold, I won’t sweat nor freeze to death. Lastly, the most important fashion necessity was my Ahnu Hiking Shoes from REI. I based this purchase on three factors: 1. Black matches everything, 2. They were waterproof. 3. The traction would keep me from falling on my face! As I continue to build my activewear wardrobe, I will continue to share my secrets of fashion and function.  

I pray you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.
3 John 1:2
Being healthy is important to God! He wants us to have strong bodies so that we can use our strong spirits to shape the world. Being physically active on a regular basis is hard for me when I have such a busy schedule, but the more I workout during fun activities, the more mentally powerful I feel. Just ask God for the strength to power through what seems physically impossible!
Have an active week!

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