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The September Issue

Holy cow, it’s September! While in Southern California we never truly have to say goodbye to warm weather or beach days, September means the beginning of my favorite season, FALL. Is back-to-school a season in itself? I graduated college last year, but I had nostalgia to walk my old high school campus on a cool morning with my two favorite text books, the Holy Bible and the Fashion Bible, also known as the September Issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The September Issue is our guide to fall fashion, just as the Bible is our guide to life. Speaking of fall fashion, I roamed Capo Valley High School wearing my new plaid crop-top, Topshop leather skirt and heels paired with my favorite Marc Jacobs book bag.

Matt’s Photography:

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
New seasons mean change. Change can be frightening without the comfort of the Holy Spirit guiding our every step. Change can also be exciting and thrilling in the best of ways. The leaves in the trees change color and fall, just to regain new life season after season. Christians do the same thing day after day, dying to themselves to gain new life in Christ. If that’s the case, then a season of change just means unending growth. 
Have an encouraged week!

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