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El Capitan Glamping: Road Trip Part 2

After the most amazing day in Santa Barbara, our family spent the first night of our road trip ‘glamping’ in El Capitan Canyon. What is ‘glamping,’ you might ask? It’s simply glamorized camping, a style more my speed. Our pre-setup tent had wood floors, two queen-size beds, lighting, but of course canvas walls for atmosphere. I felt like a flower child, Free People-wearin’ hippie, in my cutoff shorts, ribbed tank, oversized kimono, and handmade flower crown. 

Then they set out from Succoth and camped in Etham on the edge of the wilderness.
Exodus 13:20
Camping is a magical bonding experience with God that is hard to replicate in any other setting. Since before the time of Moses, camping was the only way to spend the night during ongoing travel. In Exodus, God was helping Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt as they took the longer route around the sea. While my family was not escaping the precious land where we came from, it felt similar to take the longer route up PCH by the sea, rather than an easier inland freeway. While glamping is far from the edge of wilderness, my sister and I spent the evening gazing at the stars into God’s abundant majesty of the outdoors. In nature, I am reminded of how big God truly is and how it’s impossible to ignore His presence around me. 
Have a glorious week!

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