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A Spiritual Walk in the Park

If I am being honest, Earth Day totally snuck up on me, like a pair of sparkly shoes staring me right in the face. However, I did spend time this Easter week on my Sabbath day, strolling in a local park near my house. I had only seen this running trail in the fall when it was overcast and not very alive. It was amazing to see how Mother Nature transforms during spring. Flowers were in full bloom, trees were as green as they get, and bees were buzzing everywhere. Just as nature is in full springtime swing, so are all the spring trends. I wanted to mix these to-die-for prints, stripes and floral, in my pleated skirt and mesh crop-top. I almost broke my ankle as I attempted to hike down the creek in my favorite black heels as I lost my peripheral vision to my oversized floppy hat!

Jesus answered, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the day time will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light.”
John 11:9 
Jesus makes this verse’s advice seem so obvious that it is literally a walk in the park to walk in the light. Daylight is symbolic of the knowledge of God’s will and the power of his guidance. It the absence of this knowledge, known as the darkness that forces us to be reliant on our own understanding, causing us to stumble in our ways. The more we know about God and his promises from the Bible, the easier our life will be from the comfort we receive from His grace, even through the darker moments in our lives. 
Have a charming week!

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