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Washington D.C. Recap

In the midst of the Polar Vortex, I happened to be in Washington D.C. during the only good weather spell they have enjoyed all winter. A perfectly chilly 59 degrees made browsing the Smithsonian and National Zoo the most blissful of experiences. Tigers and lions and bears, OH MY. While I loved my winter coats I had packed in my suitcase, it was magnifique to wear a simple plaid sweater, basic blue Citizen denim, and chic pointy-toe flats.   

Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”
Mark 12:17
Washington D.C. is full of history and American culture! However, government and religion have never been a perfect fit like sprinkles and frosting. It is amazing to know that when it comes to government, Jesus can keep us in perspective. While we should be obeying Holy Law above all else, we still need to give to our government what they request. Beyond voting, most government issues are out of our control and we must trust that God will take care of us. 

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